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Because it is our passion, because it would be a dream for us to mix up with it, we often think life is beautiful in Formula One. It is important not to forget that working in Motorsport is very exigent and requires many concessions. Diana Binks is a British broadcaster who loves her job but she is down-to-earth. She replies to our questions with sincerity, it is very interesting!

1- What is your story with Formula One?
I worked with the British American Racing Formula 1 team as press officer in 2000.

2- What is the most outstanding image that you will keep of your first Formula One Grand Prix watched on TV?
The moment that Damon Hill won his world championship with Williams in Japan in 1996 and the British commentator Murray Walker had to stop talking as he was so overcome with emotion.

3- Same question with the first Formula One Grand Prix or Motorsport event which you attended, please.
My first Motorport event was the British Rally Championship. I watched in amazement as cars took to the forest (Keilder Forest in Northumberland) to compete against each other. I loved the passion and emotion that you could feel by just watching. That is what got me hooked on the sport.

4- What is your favorite track? Why?
I love Brands Hatch in Kent. You can see so much and feel the emotion as cars race around the track. Spa in Belgium is also another. It blows you away when you see it for the first time and eau rouge is frightening that you have even more respect for drivers after you see them navigate their way around the circuit.

5- “Living the dream”: this quote is very famous in Motorsport. As far as you are concerned, are you living the dream?
No. It’s no dream. It’s hard work. I am fortunate that I work in an industry that I am inspired by. But that was through hard work and determination and the ability to cope with the pressure and stress that a high pressure industry brings.

6- What could you tell us about your job?
My job as a broadcaster has been such a learning curve. I am in the hub of it all, especially with a live broadcast. You are reacting to the moment and using your skills to get the best from anyone you talk too, especially in moments when things are tough, someone may be injured or crashed out mid way through a race so emotions are high. It is a skill but rewarding if it works for you.

7- Which memory will you keep about your first working day in Formula One?
My first race with BAR was the Australian GP. Sadly a marshal was killed after an incident on track where Jacques Villeneuve lost a wheel from his car. It was a freak incident but very distressing for everyone involved and of course the family. I had to deal with the situation and it was something I will never forget. It was tough.

8- What do you prefer in your job?
I like the variation and travelling. I am now moving into producing and the transition is easier as I can draw upon my skill set and bring more to the roles I now have.

9- Could you tell us some funny anecdotes about your various experiences in Motorsport?
None come to mind.

10- What are your best memories in Motorsport (within your job)?
Meeting and working with people who become life long friends. Having the opportunity of experiencing different countries and cultures.

11- What are your worse memories in Motorsport (within your job)? 
First GP story.

12- You meet a lot of people with your job, which are the most prominent for you?
Meeting Michael Schumacher. He has achieved such a lot in a very competitive industry and of course he is handsome.

13- What is your favorite Grand Prix destination? Why?
Melbourne as a city and host of a race. The atmosphere is incredible, very welcoming and friendly.

14- What is the Grand Prix where the parties are the best?
No idea. Always in bed trying to get some sleep. You would work 18 hour days at some events so the chance to sleep for me was higher that a party.

15- What is your motto for Formula One?
If you have not been to a race, go to one. The noise, environment is pretty special.

(credit pic: dianabinks.com)


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