Born to race, eh Andrina?


Steffi Halm would like to race in the ADAC Masters Weekends GT next year. According to the 27-years-old-German-driver, it is a great championship with nice cars, a lot of good drivers and a big competition. The program is tempting. If you do not know this series, this interview should take off the veil. Andrina Gugger is a young Swiss female driver and there are fourteen questions to learn more about her and her passion for Motorsport.

1- How long have you been fascinating by Motorsport? How did your passion start?
When I was born, my father was doing kart races. With the age of 11 days I firstly was on a race track, and personally I think that was the day, when my passion did started. Since that day I was all the time sleeping during the races, but at the moment the engines stopped running, I started crying. During the week, when my father wanted me to fell asleep, he just had to sit me in a car and drive for 2 minutes trough the village – afterwards I was happily asleep.

2- Do you remember the first race that you watched on TV? Which image will you keep about it?
I don’t remember the first race, because I was so young when my passion for motorsport started growing.

3- It is an extraordinary and unique experience when we attend at a Motorsport event for the first time. Which memory will you keep about yours?
The first event I could remember was a show at the Bicycle racetrack in Oerlikon. I was only 5 years old, but I enjoyed this day with all the spectators. I remember that my mom was really afraid that I fell down the track, because all the corners were gravity slopes and I was really slow on them. At the end of the day, when the award ceremony started, I received two special prizes. From one spectator I received 50 Swiss Franc as a sponsorship – my first sponsor! The second highlight was that I had the possibility to sit in a formula 1 car. That was amazing even so I couldn’t have seen anything because I was so small. =)

4- Do you have any idol in Motorsport?
Actually not. At the beginning my idol was my brother who was doing kart races as well. When I was getting older, I decided to go my own way by creating my personal idol out of different characters, for example Alexander Zanardi. I really like to be such a big fighter, who never gives up! This optimism is fascinating!

5- What is the funniest track for a driver? Why?
I think each driver has his favorite types of tracks, linked to the experiences he or she has had on these tracks. I don’t really have a favorite track, but a lot of tracks I like, Dijon (F), Monza (I), Lausitzring (D), Brno (Cz), Nürburgring (D)…

6- What is the most moving track for you? Why?
The most moving tracks for me are Dijon (F) and Monza (I), because these are the tracks, where I really had good experience like my first wins in professional motorsport.

7- What could you tell us about the ADAC Masters Weekends GT Championship?
This championship is really amazing. There are so many nice cars and a huge field of talented and professional drivers. The weekends are well organized and there is a nice supporting program. Additionally to the huge number of spectators comes the television broadcast on Kabel 1. Being part of this fascinating championship is a real honor for me!

8- Would you like to try another series in Motorsport? If yes, which would it be and why?
DTM would definitively be very interesting. It’s also an amazing series on a very high level. And for me, it would be the possibility to earn money by living my dream.

9- Which constraint linked to your job is the most difficult to accept?
There are two constraints. The first one is linked to the money, such a sport costs. It’s really hard if you have to fight each season, to get enough money so that your dream can continue. The second one sounds quite funny, but as a race driver, you have to be fit and quite muscular, but personally I don’t like to be muscular. =)

10- Do you follow a similar training to the Formula One drivers’ one? Do you have a trainer?
Unfortunately I don’t have so much time to prepare because of university and work, but I do it as much as possible. During the week, I have 2 hours of sport games, 2 hours of athletic sport and 2 hours of gymnastics sports. This is all part of my education as a sport teacher. Additionally to that, I go to the gym twice a week, or biking and a few days before the race, I have the possibility to go to a race simulator. This one is not as professional as the formula 1 simulators, but it helps me to get known to the tracks. Mentally I’m working together with a trainer, who helps me to prepare my body and my mind for the races.

11- Could you tell us some anecdotes about your various experiences as a driver?
Oh that’s difficult. I have made some many beautiful, funny, difficult and also sad experiences so it is hard to decide for only a few anectodes.

12- If you had to compose your top 5 of the most promising female drivers in ADAC Motorsport, who would appear on this list?
In ADAC there are not many female drivers. At the moment there are just Claudia Hürtgen and me. But if I had to do a list of the top 5 female drivers in any category, I would decide for only two amazing female drivers named Ellen Lohr and Claudia Hürtgen.

13- You meet a lot of people with your job, which are the most prominent for you?
It’s all the time nice to meet prominent drivers. But honestly, those people are people like you and me, it’s nothing special about them, it’s just, that they reached the point to be able to live their dream, and that’s what you and me can do as well! We just have to fight long enough!

14- “Living the dream” is a very famous quote in Motorsport. What is your own motto?
I know it sounds funny, but “Living the dream” is nearly my motto. I never had one, but 3 years ago, I had to prepare a short image film for my sponsors. When I was looking for a fitting soundtrack I found a song from “Luxuslärm” called “Leb deine Träume”, what means “Live YOUR dreams”. This song gave me really a lot and since then, live your dreams is my motto. Before each race, I listen to that song and it makes me feel really good.

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