Madly Mini with Steffi Halm!


Do you know the Mini Trophy Challenge? Cora Schumacher competes in this series. So does Steffi Halm. Here is a Q&A with this young female driver:

1- How long have you been fascinating by Motorsport? How did your passion start?
I’m not sure, since when I’m fascinated by Motorsport, but it was definitely before I started to race. I started Motorsport when I was 10 years old. Good friends of my parents had a Go-Kart and one day they allowed me to drive with the Kart. This day was the beginning of my passion.

2- Do you remember the first race that you watched on TV? Which image will you keep about it?
I think the first race I have seen on TV was a DTM race. We watched most of the DTM races, because one driver was from our neighborhood. I knew from the beginning, that I want to race too and I wanted to be like them.

3- It is an extraordinary and unique experience when we attend at a Motorsport event for the first time. Which memory will you keep about yours?
My first Motorsport event was in Hockenheim. We watched a DTM race. My memories of that day are that we were looking for the DTM drivers to get some autographs. It was really difficult, but in the end I got an autograph card with a signature of Ellen Lohr.

4- Do you have any idol in Motorsport?
When I was younger I had different idols and they were changing a few times! But now I don’t have any idols.

5- What is the funniest track for a driver? Why?
In my opinion, no track is really “funny”. Every track has its difficult, hard or easier parts. Maybe on the racetracks where you’re always fast, there you have the most fun.

6- What is the most moving track for you? Why?
I have two most moving tracks. The first track is Oschersleben, because there I won my first race and the second is the Nürburging Nordschleife. The Nürburgring Norschleife is THE TRACK OF THE WORLD! The track with it’s about 25 km has everything a racetrack needs (ups and downs, fast and slow corners and also jumps). You will never find something similar in the world.

7- What could you tell us about the Mini Trophy Championship?
This year is the first year of the Mini Trophy. But it’s not a brand new series. From 2004 – 2011 the series was called Mini Challenge. The Mini Trophy is a German Championship. We drive with a Mini Cooper S John works with about 210 PS. Every car is similar and it’s not allowed to change something on the body of the car, the engine, the gearbox… The only thing you are allowed to do is to change the set-up of the car. We have seven Race-Weekends and on every Race-Weekend we have two races. Most of the races are in Germany, but this year we have one special race in France (Le Castellet) – The Mini United. If you need more information about the Mini Trophy visit

8- Would you like to try another series in Motorsport? If yes, which would it be and why?
Sure. Next year I would like to drive the ADAC GT Masters. It’s a really good but also very hard series with really nice cars. This year there are 44 cars racing and the drivers are really good. Some of them are factory drivers. So there is a big competition.

9- Which constraint linked to your job is the most difficult to accept?
For me there is no constraint linked to the Motorsport. It’s my hobby (because at the moment I don’t earn money with my sport) and like anybody else I love my hobby.

10- Do you follow a similar training to the Formula One drivers’ one? Do you have a trainer?
I think it’s the same, but I’m not able to exercise as often as a Formula One driver. The reason is that I have a job where I have to earn money (my job is not Motorsport). A trainer I don’t have.

11- Could you tell us some anecdotes about your various experiences as a driver?
There are some anecdotes to tell. Most of them are based on the reason, that I’m a girl and it’s not typical for a girl to do Motorsports.
One day we made some taxi rides on a racetrack and one man was shocked after he drove with me, because he didn’t know that he was driving with a girl. For me it was really funny.

12- If you had to compose your top 5 of the most promising female drivers in ADAC Motorsport, who would appear on this list?
This is a difficult question. The biggest problem is that there are not so many girls in Motorsport. But on my list there would be Claudia Hürtgen, Sabine Schmitz, Rahel Frey, Cyndie Allemann and me 😉

13- You meet a lot of people with your job, which are the most prominent for you?
In the past we had a lot of guest drivers in the Mini Races. There where ex Formula One drivers or Motorsport stars, singers, actors…! And there are a lot of prominent people who visit a race. For me the most prominent people are the ex Formula One drivers.

14- “Living the dream” is a very famous quote in Motorsport. What is your own motto?
At the moment “Living the dream” is not the perfect quote for me. It will be the one, when I’m able to earn money with the Motorsports and be a professional driver. At the moment I’m very happy, that I have the chance to do Motorsports. A quote for me could be “living without is not possible”.

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