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Do you know the girl who loves cars and motorsports? Cheryl Tay invites you in Singapore to discover her universe through eight questions. You can find her on her website, this is the link:

1- What is your story with Motorsport?
I’ve always liked the thrill of speed but I don’t have the talent or the budget to become a racing driver so the closest I can get is to write about it and get the opportunity to meet different teams and drivers in different types of motorsports from karting to drifting to Formula 1.

2- You are a Consultant, a Journalist, a Blogger, a Photographer, a Copywriter and you also work in the public relations. What do you prefer in your job (…or shall I say in your various jobs)?
I work in a multi-faceted role centred primarily around cars and motorsports. The different roles that I have, as a consultant, journalist, blogger, photographer, copywriter and PR, help to give me an all-rounded position in the industry for better understanding. I don’t have a preferred role, as the nature of the industry is what I’m passionate about.

3- Which memory will you keep about your first working day in Formula One?
The first F1 race I attended was the first Singapore Grand Prix night race in 2008 and it was a very special moment hearing the F1 cars start up in Singapore for the first time.

4- Could you tell us some funny stories about your various experiences in Motorsport?
The first time I interviewed Nico Rosberg, he asked me what the ear sticks in my piercings are. Ear sticks are these plastic sticks that you put into the piercing hole if you do not put an earring in it. The second time I interviewed him, I was using a pancake lens to take photos of him and he was wondering why the lens on my big camera is so flat. I find it quite amusing how he is so curious. Another funny story I have was the time when I interviewed Felipe Massa and asked what happens if he needs to go to the toilet while racing. He asked,“Number 1 (pee) or Number 2 (poo)? If Number 1, I do it in the car all the time. If Number 2, never!”

5- What are your best memories in Formula One?
Getting the opportunity to be in the paddock and see the drivers up close is a privilege and I am very grateful for that. The best memories would be the times when I get to speak to the drivers personally and interview them.

6- Do you have any motto regarding Motorsport?
Motorsports is a fast-paced world – you either catch that moment or you don’t.

7- Jaime Alguersuari said that he was going to come back on the Formula One starting grids in 2013. Have you any idea regarding his future team?
No I don’t have any idea about that but I’m happy for him. I’ve interviewed him on several occasions and he is a really nice guy, so I hope to see him back on the grid.

8- Do you think Sebastian Vettel will be able to reach a third successive world champion title this season?
At the moment, it looks like the title fight is concentrated on Alonso and Vettel. Definitely, it has not been as dominant or smooth for Vettel this year compared to last season, but it is not impossible.

(credit pic: Cora Schumacher facebook page)



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