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Lewis Hamilton has just won the race but the surprise of the day has come from Kimi Räikkönen.Nico Rosberg has been also on the podium. Let’s review this Sunday evening spent in Sakhir…

Weather report: night, T. air: 24-26°C ; T. track: 28-31°C ; humidity rate: 30-42% and wind speed: 1,5 m.s (north)

Lewis Hamilton has led but he won’t have the hat-trick (best lap on race for Kimi Räikkönen in 1’36’’311 – time signed at the lap 42). The Briton had the same strategy as his supposed main rivals (his team-mate and Sebastian Vettel): 1st and 2nd run onto the soft tyres (1st pit-stop at the lap 13 for SV, lap 14 for NR and lap 15 for LH who lost time because of a capricious wheel) before finishing the GP onto the medium compounds (2nd pit-stop at the lap 32 for SV, lap 33 for LH and lap 34 for NR). Kimi Räikkönen, second (+3’’380s), appeared on the podium for the last time in Yeongam in 2013. This come-back at the front seems to make Minttu very happy… ; (credit pic: The Finn opted for a different bet (first run onto the soft tyres, lap 17=medium tyres and lap 40=soft tyres). His daring wouldn’t have been enough to pass Nico Rosberg (2nd). Fortunately for him, the German made an off-track at the lap 56 pushing Iceman second. Nevertheless, it has been Nico’s best race of the year because he pushed hard on track (3rd ; +6’’033s). His start wasn’t extraordinary but his rise was very quick (lap 4=he overtook Kimi 3rd and lap 9=overtaking on Sebastian 2nd). Valtteri Bottas has been a strong fourth (+42’’957s). Sebastian Vettel, fifth (+43’’989s) ruined his race at the lap 36. His off-track caused some front damages on his car (lap 37=front wing change in the pit). The Little Prince lost a place at the Drivers’ Championship (3rd instead of 2nd with 28pts behind Lewis and 1pt late on Nico). Daniel Ricciardo has been classified sixth (+1’01’’751s) in front of Romain Grosjean (+1’24’’763s). Sergio Perez, eighth, has been a lap slower than the leader. After a qualifying destroyed by his car’s lack of reliability, Daniil Kvyat (17th on the grid) has offered himself his revenge (9th). Felipe Massa, sixth in Q3, started from the pitlane (failure on the grid for the formation lap). He has scored a point this evening (10th). Fernando Alonso has occupied a wonderful eleventh row. Crossing the finish line is a real exploit at McLaren this season so the Matador deserves some congrats for his performance. In Barcelona, the team from Woking expects to be in better shape thanks to their evolutions on the engine, etc. Regarding the V6 turbo engines, there will be some changes in 2017. Nico Hülkenberg, disappointing thirteenth, has been inserted between both Sauber (advantage for Felipe Nasr). Pastor Maldonado, fifteenth, received a 5s penalty for being out of position on the starting grid. Will Stevens has been at the sixteenth place (+2 laps). Roberto Merhi has been the good last one (+3 laps). Manor is satisfied of its boys. Toro Rosso had to give up because of some mechanical issues (lap 36=Max Verstappen and lap 31=Carlos Sainz Jr ; the Spaniard received a 5s penalty for exceeding the speed limits during the formation lap). Jenson Button couldn’t take part in the GP (electronic problems).

At the championship:

This grand prix has been pretty interesting even if the 2014 round was much more exciting. Next race in three weeks in Spain for the start of the European season. All the teams will have to work very hard during the break. Mercedes cannot rest because Ferrari will be more and more dangerous.

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