Belgian Grand Prix preview

A as announcement: Yesterday, Ferrari confirmed that they’d keep the same drivers line-up in 2016.

B as bet: Niki Lauda thinks Kimi Räikkönen will win the race on Sunday.

C as press conference: Today at 3pm, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Daniil Kvyat, Kimi Räikkönen, Will Stevens and Max Verstappen will attend the FIA official press conference. On tomorrow at 4pm, James Allison (Ferrari), Nick Chester (Lotus), Giampaolo Dall’Ara (Sauber), Andrew Green (SFI), Paddy Lowe (Mercedes) and Paul Monaghan (RBR) will reply to the journalists’ questions.

D as data: 44 laps, DRS=start/finish straight line and after the turn 4.

E as extra: The 2015 Belgian GP will be very special for the Red Devils (900th GP for Ferrari and 150th for the Savior from Maranello). Sebastian Vettel talks about it in this ITW.,7168908,31507444.html

F as F1 Ladies: Last year, Jessica Button (, Jennifer Becks (the girlfriend of Adrian Sutil and Chloe Roberts (the girlfriend of Max Chilton were in the paddock from Spa.

G as grid-girls (2014)

H as history: The Belgian GP has been in the F1 calendar since 1950. Alfa Romeo dominated the first round (pole for Nino Farina and win for Juan-Manuel Fangio).

I as incident: Last year, Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) collided his team-mate at the second lap. Lewis Hamilton had to give up. Mercedes was very pissed off.

J as judge: This weekend, Emanuele Pirro will be a race steward in Spa.

K as Km/h: In 2014, Mercedes had the fastest speed of the line-up in both of the qualifying tries (278,2 km/h for Lewis Hamilton) and on race (314,1 km/h for Nico Rosberg). Let’s note the average speed is about 242 km/h and the record is 315 km/h.

L as length: 7,004 km

M as MUMM: Last year, Daniel Ricciardo (RBR) won his third success of his career in F1 here. Both of Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) and Valtteri Bottas (Williams) joined him on the podium.

N as notification: The weather should be dry until Saturday. There is a risk of rain on Sunday.

O as option: In 2014, Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) offered himself the best lap on race in 1’50’’511 but the absolute record belongs to Alain Prost in 1’41’’095 (Williams – 1993).

P as Pirelli: soft and medium tyres

Q as qualifying: Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) is the last poleman in 2’05’’591 but the absolute record belongs to Michael Schumacher in 1’43’’726 (Ferrari – 2002

R as record: Spa is the territory of McLaren (11 poles and 12 wins), Ferrari (12 wins), Michael Schumacher (6 wins), Juan-Manuel Fangio (4 poles) and Ayrton Senna (4 poles). Among the 2015 field, both of Lewis Hamilton (2 poles) and Kimi Räikkönen (4 wins) are the kings of the Belgian Ardennes.

S as support: The last weekend of May, both of Max Verstappen (STR) and Pierre Gasly (RBR test driver) were in Spa to cheer for their mates in WSR. Max took part in a show run with Red Bull during this meeting.

T as turns: 10 at left and 9 at right

U as ultra: Both of Fernando Alonso (McLaren) and Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) are the drivers having scored the most points in the F1 history (1778). In Spa, the Little Prince from Heppenheim could improve this record.

V as victory: The drivers will have 44 laps to pretend to the win.

W as weekend: from August 21st until August 23rd

XY as YouTube: a lap onboard with the 2014 poleman

Z as zapping: on Friday (FP1=10am – 11:30am and FP2=2pm – 3:30pm), on Saturday (FP3=11am – 12pm and Q=2pm) and on Sunday (R=2pm)

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