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In 2017, I will be turning 30 but most importantly, I will celebrate 20 years as a Formula 1 enthusiast. Let me tell you more about this story.  

Dear readers,

I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Fascinating and insatiable, it will make you discover loads of pretty things whilst stimulating your open-mindedness. That is how I started to watch on TV the Formula One Grands Prix in 1997. I had not any special expectation, I was merely curious. I have not been missed any season since.

I joined the blogosphere during the summer 2007. The name (« ») was as powerful as my desire to bring down the preconceived ideas. I have learned that appearance is rooted no matter how hard you work. In 2015, conformism resulted in an invented word: « Racerdom ». Disillusionments motivated the change, regrets extended the impasse. It would have been more enriching to make the concept evolve with some adjustments. Never mind. As the saying goes, everything comes at the right time.

This year will not be a new start. It is a logical sequel. I want to offer to this blog the chance that it deserves by being myself and find back the pleasure of writing. Toivo (hope) is the reminder I need right now. Here is this other view, passionately curious and full of confidence. Same approach regarding the race weekends: what I liked a twenty years ago will convince me once again. I have finally understood that magic is timeless for anyone who knows to look.

I am looking forward to this next F1 chapter. So are you, I guess.

Have a nice read!

All the best,



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