TD1 in Barcelona: Sebastian Vettel leads before the lunch break!


The winter tests have begun today in Barcelona. Ferrari is ahead. Mercedes has got endurance. Bad debut for Red Bull and McLaren. This is the summary:

Timesheet at the lunch break:

1- S. Vettel – Ferrari – 1’22”791 (M) – 62 laps

2- V. Bottas – Mercedes – 1’23”169 (S) – 79

3- S. Perez – FI – 1’23”709 (S) – 39

4- F. Massa – Williams – 1’25”552 (M) – 39

5- C. Sainz – STR – 1’25”632 (M) – 18

6- N. Hülkenberg – Renault – 1’26”319 (M) – 22

7- K. Magnussen – Haas – 1’26”404 (M) – 15

8- M. Ericsson – Sauber – 1’26”865 (M) – 31

9- D. Ricciardo – RBR – 1’28”712 (M) – 4

Weather report: sunny, T. air: 9-15°C ; T. track:16-28°C, humidity rate: 80-64% and wind speed: 0,7 m.s (south)

Tyres used this morning: medium, supersoft, hard, soft

To note:

  • At 12:11pm, Sebastian Vettel took the power (best S1 & S2).
  • The most of the teams focused on some set-up work and aero tests. There were a sensors grid at the front of the RS17, the STR12, the MCL32 and the C36. We could also see the green flow-vis paint at the rear of the SF70-H and the C36.
  • Red flag from 9:52am until 10:06am: Daniel had to stop his RB13 just before the turn 4 (sensor issue – his mechanics had to take off the gearbox to fix it).
  • McLaren had an oil system issue (1 lap only – no time). Honda is going to change Fernando’s engine.
  • Kevin Magnussen had to stop his VF17 at the pit entry at 11:06am (technical issue). At 12:53pm, he damaged his front wing after having hit the barriers at the turn 10 (spin).
  • Lewis Hamilton will be on track this afternoon. He’ll test the shark fin.
  • This week, Mercedes will test a new fuel supposed to improve their performances.
  • Haas and Williams have got the T-wing like Mercedes and Ferrari.
  • Pascal Wehrlein will certainly take part in the testing days next week.

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