TD2 in Barcelona: Lewis Hamilton keeps the power!


Mercedes, Ferrari and Force India monopolize the trio ahead. There were several red flags. McLaren, Sauber, Renault, Williams and Force India are late on their working programmes. Let’s review this Tuesday morning at circuit de Catalunya…

Timesheet at the lunch break (Day 2 – BCN):

1- L. Hamilton – Mercedes – 1’20”983 (SS) – 66 laps

2- K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1’22”831 (M) – 47

3- E. Ocon – FI – 1’23”045 (S) – 27

4- K. Magnussen – Haas – 1’23”200 (S) – 36

5- M. Verstappen – RBR – 1’23”212 (S) – 31

6- D. Kvyat – STR – 1’25”012 (M) – 44

7- L. Stroll – Williams – 1’26”040 (M) – 12

8- S. Vandoorne – McLaren – 1’26”201 (S) – 29

9- A. Giovinazzi – Sauber – 1’33”741 (M) – 5

Weather report: cloudy, the sun makes an appearance from 11:16am, T. air: 11-16°C ; T. track: 12-23°C, humidity rate: 66-47% and wind speed: 0,4-1,2 m.s (north)

Tyres used this morning: soft, medium, supersoft

To note:

  • Lewis Hamilton signed the first benchmark of the session at 9:08am (1’36”078 – soft tyres). Mercedes is testing a double-decker T-wing. The track is too abrasive here for the supersoft tyres, they lost performance from the end of Lewis’ second flying lap. Valtteri Bottas will be back at the steering-wheel of the W08 this afternoon.
  • At 9:07am, Stoffel Vandoorne stopped his car at the pit entry. Later in the morning, McLaren lost power on its PU. Honda is investigating. They’ll change the engine again.
  • Sauber had a PU issue. They had to change the engine. Let’s note that Tatiana Calderon is their new development driver.
  • This morning, Renault did some changes on the car. Jolyon Palmer completed an installation lap just before the lunch.
  • aero tests for the most of the line-up (sensors grid at the front of the car for Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull and Williams, sensors grid at the left rear of the car for Toro Rosso, green flow-vis paint at the rear of the C36 and on the front wing [left side] of the SF70-H)
  • Williams is testing a new T-Wing (there are some new aero elements at the bottom of the engine cover). At 9:41am, Lance Stroll spun at the turn 9 (red flag). The car was damaged. The British team need some pieces from the factory to fix it. They’ll be back on track on tomorrow.
  • Esteban Ocon started his running day at 10:53am after Force India finally fixed the exhaust issue from yesterday. At 12:47pm, he had to stop the car at the turn 9 (technical issue).

In a few words

  • Good news for the fellow-countrymen of Daniil Kvyat, the Russian GP will be on the F1 calendar until 2025. They extended their contract.

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