TD4 in Barcelona: Kimi Räikkönen is the quickest at the wet test


The F1 teams don’t seem to be very motivated by this Pirelli wet test. The action really started once the track was dry. Bad news: it will be damp again at 2pm. This is the summary of this morning at circuit de Catalunya:

Timesheets at 1pm (Day 4 – BCN):

1- K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1’22”305 (S) – 45 laps

2- R. Grosjean – Haas – 1’22”739 (SS) – 49

3- S. Vandoorne – McLaren – 1’23”918 (SS) – 35

4- M. Verstappen – RBR – 1’23”920 (M) – 43

5- S. Perez – FI – 1’24”893 (S) – 25

6- N. Hülkenberg – Renault – 1’24”974 (S) – 51

7- A. Giovinazzi – Sauber – 1’25”035 (S) – 37

8- V. Bottas – Mercedes – 1’36”512 (S) – 9

Weather report: sunny and artificially wetted track (, T. air: 7-11°C ; T. track: 15-26°C, humidity rate: 76-61% and wind speed: 0,2 m.s (west)

Tyres used this morning: inter, full-wet, soft, ultrasoft, medium, supersoft

To note:

  • Pirelli wanted the F1 teams to assess aquaplaning levels on wet tyres and evaluate their degradation over more than five timed laps. Then, they were supposed to put the inter asap to evaluate the cross-over point and aquaplaning before completing a long run.
  • At 10am, the track was drying. Max Verstappen was the first driver to put the inter (10:19am).
  • At 11:50am, the track was dry. Kimi Räikkönen was the first driver to try the slick tyres.
  • From 12:16pm, McLaren worked on some low speed aero runs on ultrasoft (sensors grid at the front of the MCL32).
  • Williams won’t take part in this testing day. They’ll be back next Tuesday. (credit:
  • Lewis Hamilton doesn’t think this wet test is very helpful so he decided not to drive this morning. Valtteri Bottas completed a few laps before the lunch. The Finn will take in charge of Mercedes’ programme this afternoon.
  • The team from Faenza had to change the engine (1 lap for Daniil Kvyat). After the lunch break, both Toro Rosso drivers will share the running time.
  • During the lunch, they will wet the track again. (credit:

(credit pic:

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