TD5 in Barcelona: Williams on the top!


Felipe Massa and Daniel Ricciardo are in 1’19. Lewis Hamilton completes the trio ahead. The week has started less well for Renault and McLaren. Let’s review this Tuesday morning at circuit de Catalunya…

Timesheets at 1pm (Day 5 – BCN):

1- F. Massa – Williams – 1’19”726 (SS) – 65 laps

2- D. Ricciardo – RBR – 1’19”900 (US) – 50

3- L. Hamilton – Mercedes – 1’20”456 (S) – 49

4- S. Vettel – Ferrari – 1’21”127 (M) – 81

5- E. Ocon – FI – 1’21”347 (SS) – 59

6- K. Magnussen – Haas – 1’21”676 (S) – 47

7- D. Kvyat – STR – 1’21”965 (S) – 45

8- S. Vandoorne – McLaren – 1’22”698 (S) – 34

9- P. Wehrlein – Sauber – 1’23”336 (S) – 47

10- J. Palmer – Renault – 1’24”790 (S) – 15

Weather report: sunny, T. air: 11-17°C ; T. track: 18-34°C, humidity rate: 67-39% and wind speed: 0,3-0,1 m.s (south/north)

Tyres used this morning: soft, hard, ultrasoft, medium, supersoft, unmarked medium (prototype)

To note:

  • At 9:01am, Jolyon Palmer, Sebastian Vettel and Pascal Wehrlein were the first drivers to take to the track.
  • aero tests for Red Bull (sensors grid at the front), Mercedes (sensors grid at the front), Toro Rosso (sensors grid at the left front), McLaren (sensors on the rear wing)
  • There are a camera and LED lights on the SF70-H and the STR12.
  • Today, Sauber will focus on a set-up work and some aero tests.
  • At 10:29am, Jolyon Palmer had to stop his car in the pitlane (sensors issue). Renault had to change the engine. This afternoon, Nico Hülkenberg will be at the steering-wheel of the R.S.17.
  • McLaren also has to change the engine after an electrical issue.
  • Mercedes evaluated the shark fin, the double T-Wing, a new floor and new sidepod deflectors. Lewis Hamilton isn’t satisfied with the set-up tested this morning (the car balance was pretty average, difficulties with the tyres). His working programme ended earlier than expected because of a damaged floor. After the lunch break, Valtteri Bottas will replace him.
  • Ferrari is testing a new monkey seat with three elements. Sebastian Vettel spent the morning onto medium tyres (+1 run onto the unmarked medium tyres). This afternoon, he’ll do his long runs onto soft tyres.

By the way…

  • This week, Mercedes and Ferrari will test many aero and mechanical upgrades.
  • Christian Horner wants shark fins to be removed.
  • The F1 teams can’t use the engine oil as fuel. Red Bull wants the FIA to clarify the rules.

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