TD8 in Barcelona: At last!

1’18: we expected it yesterday and Ferrari did it this morning. The Red Bull family complete the trio ahead. There were four red flags (Haas and McLaren). Let’s review this last day of testing in Barcelona…

Timesheets at 1pm (Day 8 – BCN):

1- K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1’18”634 (SS) – 48 laps

2- M. Verstappen – RBR – 1’19”438 (SS) – 33

3- C. Sainz – STR – 1’19”837 (US) – 39

4- V. Bottas – Mercedes – 1’19”845 (SS) – 53

5- N. Hülkenberg – Renault – 1’19”885 (US) – 45

6- S. Perez – FI – 1’20”116 (US) – 46

7- L. Stroll – Williams – 1’20”335 (S) – 59

8- R. Grosjean – Haas – 1’21”421 (S) – 44

9- M. Ericsson – Sauber – 1’21”670 (SS) – 59

10- F. Alonso – McLaren – 1’22”731 (US) – 19

Weather report: sunny, T. air: 9-21°C ; T. track: 20-36°C ; humidity rate: 88-48% and wind speed: 0,2 m.s (south/north-west)

Tyres used this morning: soft, ultrasoft, supersoft, medium and unmarked medium (prototype)

To note:

  • Ferrari did a qualifying simulation like yesterday morning.
  • Red Bull has got a new front wing. Max Verstappen has started his running day by some aero tests (sensors grid at the front of the RB13 – comparative work with the old version). Then, he did a qualifying simulation (3 laps for Q1, Q2 and Q3).
  • Valtteri Bottas thinks Mercedes still have a lot of work to exploite the full potential of the W08. According to Niki Lauda, the upgrades tested this week have been less performing than expected.
  • Sauber worked on some short runs and soft tyre compounds evaluation.
  • Force India, Ferrari and Sauber did a comparative work on medium and unmarked medium tyres.
  • McLaren still has got some electrical issues (intermittent electrical shutdown). Fernando Alonso had to stop his MCL32 twice this morning (halt at T9 at 11:15am=red flag until 11:26am ; halt at T4 at 11:52am=red flag until 12:04pm).
  • Haas also caused two red flags. At 10:30am, Romain Grosjean visited the gravels at T5 (maybe brake issues ; red flag until 10:43am). At 12:43pm, he had to stop the car between the T9 and T10 (red flag until 12:54pm).
  • Last week, the FIA asked Renault to bring some changes to its rear wing. They tested this new version this morning.
  • This afternoon, Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, Jolyon Palmer and Pascal Wehrlein will be on track.
  • Today, Pirelli has announced its tyres choices for Barcelona, MC, Montreal and Baku.

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